And so it begins…

Third-culture people are quickly becoming the majority almost everywhere.

A third-culture kid is, “An individual who, having spent a significant part of the developmental years in a culture other than the parents’ culture, develops a sense of relationship to all of the cultures while not having full ownership in any. Elements from each culture are incorporated into the life experience, but the sense of belonging is in relationship to others of similar experience” (Dave Pollock and Ruth VanReken – authors of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds).

A third-culture kid is someone who is striving to belong, to be known, to be home.

I am a third-culture kid.  I grew up in Colombia, Uruguay, and the United States.  I don’t really have a home.  My passport is the classic navy blue that represents America, but my heart isn’t made of just one color.  My life doesn’t fit any “normal” mold.  It is complex, it is multi-faceted, it has so much to offer.  I want to create a community and carve out a space for people to come together, to connect, and to relax in the familiarity of other semi-internationals who just “get it”.  Through this blog I hope to encourage you to embrace your heritage (whatever that may be), and to recognize the importance of cross-cultural relationships because of what they can teach us about people, no matter where they come from.  What would life be like if we didn’t know anyone different from us?

I passionately want to promote wholeness and foster conversation that will be healthy in leading to further understanding of ourselves and of others.   I am excited for where this will lead and for other TCKs to realize the  unique role we have in our world today!

Until next time!